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I’m a doctor with two young kids that are allergic to bug bites.  The bites swell, hurt and sometimes get infected.  I’ve tried every product on the market but nothing seemed to work.  I hated to continuously keep applying medication that contained steroids or antihistamines. Out offrustration, being a research scientist, I started developing and testing all natural remedies and Bug Bite is what I came up with.  Bug Bite works extremely well on bites and other itches.  Pretty soon my friends started using it on their kids and were amazed by the results.  I even sent it to school with my kids and soon enough the teachers were using it too! I hope you find that this product will work for you as well. It even works on adults! For best results dab the lotion on as soon as the bite occurs. Don’t rub it in, just cover the area with a bandage. Trust me, it’s all natural, kid friendly and worry free. Bug Bite works! bugbite itch out, natural itch relief, bugbite itch out, natural itch relief, natural itch relief,

Doc Norton
BugBite Itch Out
BugBite is a totally natural itch relieving creme that is approved by the FDA. Itch Out is a totally GREEN product. It was developed especially for people with sensitive reactions to other itch relieving cremes. It is great for children of all ages. BugBite is so safe it can even be eaten. BugBite Itch Out is produced by PurLiv Inc. It is the first of many natural product to be produced by PurLiv for use on mosquito bites and other types of bug bites.  BugBite Itch Out is very easy to use. Just squeeze a bit on the bite and cover lightly with a bandaid. BugBite Itch Out works on mosquito bites, chigger bites, black & sand fly bites, and spider bites. Bug Bite natural itch reliefBug Bite natural itch reliefBug Bite natural itch reliefBug Bite natural itch reliefBug Bite natural itch reliefBug Bite natural itch